stone age hooligans

OG Cardano NFT Project now run by the community.
Join us and know about our project and our brand new Roadmap


Q4 2021

  • Project hand over from the previous Dev to the Community. Hoolibrats art and NFT Maker Pro credentials. ✅
  • Finish Hooligals mint using a community wallet for raising funds. ✅
  • Mint a royalty token of 6% for secondary markets. Split royalties between Holders, Development and Marketing (50% / 30% / 20%) ✅
  • List collections on Genesis Auction House. ✅
  • List collections on ✅
  • Develop an internal bot for verifying wallets and assign a Hoolie Holder special role. ✅
  • Verified holders will be elegible for future airdrops, whitelists, royalty earnings, etc... ✅
  • Non holders will have restricted access to certain channels and others will be read only for them. ✅
  • Burning event for Hooligans. Burning a Hooligan will give you a discount on Hooligal minting price. Hooligans burned with stock images will have an extra Hooligal. ✅

Q1 2022

  • Develop a website for Hoolie families. Zombie couples will be airdropped with a random baby zombie, rare couples will be airdropped with a guaranteed random rare brat, common couples will receive a random kid (rares included). ✅
  • Generate the Hoolibrats collection. Including some 1:1 designs. 🚧
  • Special drop of Hoolibrats for holders of a Hooligan and a Hooligal. Hooligans with a Rainbow bandana (new version) will not require a Hooligal.
  • Holding complete families will qualify you to receive royalties in your wallet in a weekly basis. The more families you hold the more royalties you receive.

Q2 2022

  • Invaders whitelist and airdrop for family holders.
  • Invaders drop.
  • Add missing metadata on original Hooligans collection. Some funds from Invaders mint will be used for this.
  • Creating DAO channel for verified holders. The DAO will allow you to vote future decisions of the project.

Q3 2022 and Beyond

  • Stone Age related gamification.
  • Medieval Age Hooligans 👀
  • And more...